Key teachings

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Understanding Christianity

Key teachings

The Bible’s teaching about Christ, creation, atonement, resurrection and other themes explained

Understanding Christianity is a series of books published to provide the Christian reader with a clear and direct understanding of the Christian faith based upon what the Bible actually says.

This volume, Key Teachings, addresses such subjects as the Person of Christ, creation, atonement, resurrection and other important themes. In a day in which many of the foundations of the Christian faith are under attack, this book reaffirms the Biblical teachings about the Christian faith.

F.B. Hole was educated at the King’s School in The Strand, London. He worked in the family business, then in banking before becoming a full time evangelist, teacher, writer and publisher. His writings have been valued by Christians all over the world. Dr. Billy Graham, on one of his early visits to London sent Mr. Hole his personal greetings and expressed his gratitude for his writing ministry.

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Auteur: F.B. Hole


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